Lots of orders!

Last night, I was planning on going to go to bed, but then somehow the UK Etsy Street Team forum thread took over and I ended up with 3 orders within an hour for my little plastic tags! Vicky from Old Bag (blog link to the right) started the proceedings, and now I can say that I’ve actually had an inventory sale! Ordered some more plastic so I can make more, which should come tomorrow. I’ll post up the completed ones with links to the lovely shops that purchased them once finished, so probably tomorrow morning. I’m so excited, and I want to make more!

So my relist button was going mad for a while!

Up until that point, I had been feeling a little downhearted, and didn’t see the point in spending money listing new items if no one is currently buying. Again the forum stepped up and encouraged me (it is good for exposure of course), and this is what I listed!